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Echelon Insights brings technology and brainpower together to help you find truth in data. Founded by experts from the digital and polling worlds, we're erasing old industry lines that separate the process of conducting research from the tools to act on it. We optimize your message, pinpoint your target audience, and give you the power to track change in realtime.

Millennial Parents and Education

As the oldest edge of the Millennial generation   enter their mid-thirties, many Millennials now have children who are public school students, and some even have children who are high-school aged. The Millennial generation has grown up in a time of rapid change. The Walton Family Foundation and Echelon Insights wanted to better understand what these Millennial parents think about today’s public schools, and specifically what their expectations are for what schools will do for their children. We conducted a series of focus groups of Millennial parents in Orlando, FL, Minneapolis, MN and Richmond, VA and listened firsthand to a demographically diverse group of young parents about their hopes and dreams for their children, and the role they expect their public schools to play. Then, we conducted a representative national survey of 800 Millennial parents to better understand their expectations for the public schools, and the responsibilities they place on themselves and on the public schools. Find out more here.

Trump Country Survey

In the 2016 election, 550 counties flipped to Donald Trump after voting for Barack Obama in 2012, or saw Trump ran 20 points or more ahead of Mitt Romney. The polls missed these “Trump Country” counties in 2016 — and with them, the final election result. Our monthly Trump Country survey now offers you the chance to poll voters in these pivotal counties on your issue. Find out more here.

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July 11, 2019
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