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Crisis Management

Our analytical approach to brand tracking and crisis management helps you filter the signal from the noise to focus on what really matters. Our surveys quickly assess changes in brand perception. Four years of hour-by-hour news cycle data then helps you predict where the story is going next.

Track Every Source

From Twitter, Facebook, and blogs to TV news and traditional media buys, we scan the full media landscape to report on who’s saying what about your cause or brand — and help you understand what it means.

Turn Unstructured Data Into Insight

Sometimes, the answers you need are hidden in plain sight, but hard to collect at scale. From unstructured text data on the open web to hard-to-access formats like PDF, we build solutions to extract, transform and load mission-critical information into clean, real-time databases you can use to make decisions.

Competitive Dashboards

“Big Data” that can’t be communicated visually can’t be acted upon. From real-time competitive dashboards with alerting features to elegant data visualization, we help you truly understand your data so you can use it — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Custom Network Analysis

Our proprietary technology and finely-tuned segmentation makes it easy to discover and connect with key influencers. We find the people who really matter to your bottom line. We rank them, map their connections, listen to what they’re saying. Then we give you a full toolkit to reach out and persuade them.

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