Data Science

Use Resources Effectively

Precise Audience Targeting

Model, Segment, and Target Your Audience

Define the right target for powerful and effective persuasion. We model 180 million+ voters, 260 million+ consumers, and membership or targeting lists along any data point imaginable. From these individual-level models, we build smart target universes that serve as the foundation of data-driven and efficient voter or consumer outreach.

Find Your Future Supporters

Political analytics has a blind spot: persuasion. Cookie cutter models are great at finding today’s supporters, but not those most likely to be become tomorrow’s supporters. With cutting-edge survey techniques, we model the most persuadable audience, match them to the right creative, and maximize the number of new supporters you bring into the fold.

Target Resources Geographically

Backed by robust, high-sample size survey data, our models can give precise estimates of support for the country at large or in specific geographies or granular segments impossible to measure through traditional surveys. Allocate resources across turfs efficiently and in real time through live, command-center dashboards available right at your fingertips.

Find New Donors and Customers

Whether you’re a political organization or nonprofit seeking new donors or a company looking to open up new target markets, our advanced analytics can help you boost your bottom line. We bring thousands of data points together to model your ideal donor or customer — at the individual level or at any level of geography.

Turn Data Into Action

Data Infrastructure

The data we need to make a good decision is rarely right in front of us or readily understandable. Our data engineers help you wrangle the right data — whether that’s disparate databases in your organization or unstructured data from the web — unifying it in a centralized warehouse that serves as the basis for insight and action.

Data Visualization

Data doesn’t work if it’s not readily accessed or understood. Humans are visual learners. We relate to data most often through the right visualization instead of spreadsheets or complex algorithms. Our interactive dashboards relentlessly clarify, inform, and simplify, giving you the visual insight you need to take action.

Download: Presidential Election Results by DMA

An essential tool for media planners and political professionals, Echelon Insights brings you a map and dataset of the results of the 2020 Presidential election broken down by TV media markets. Download maps and a dataset with 2020 and 2016 results for each market, turnout trends, and Trump and Biden broadcast TV data courtesy of Echelon Insights' Insights On Air.

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