Victory Briefs

Do you have what it takes to win your race?

Do you have what it takes to win your race?

Use our Victory Briefs to bolster your arsenal. We bring analytical firepower and a sharp eye for history and fundamentals to map out your path to victory in the primary and the general. Our Victory Briefs combine narrative analysis, visuals, and hard data to lay out a roadmap for your campaign, with realistic goals down to the precinct level.

Whether you’re running for State Senate or U.S. Senate, we can chart a path to victory for you. Start out by requesting our FREE, award-winning Snapshots for states & Congressional districts, and then get pricing on a full Victory Brief tailored specifically for your state and race.

Victory Briefs Include:

Initial Vote Goals & Universes

How many votes do you need to win and where do you need to get them from? How can you best allocate limited resources across the map?

Past Results

How are different parts of your district or state trending over the last few election cycles?

The Trump Factor

Where has Trump done better and where have downballot Republicans done better? What’s the mix? Where do you need to focus on GOTV more, and where on persuasion?


What is the demographic mix of your district? Our one of a kind system calculates this down to the precinct level.

New Growth

Where does the voter file, the latest Census reports, and recent election results say about where the state or district is growing?

Media Market Analysis

How have Republican and Democrat campaigns in the past spread their media dollars across markets? Where is it most cost-effective to advertise?

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