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Always-on Insights for Your Organization

Unlock the Power of Continuous Awareness with Research Partnerships

Access always-on polling with flexible survey question credits from one of the top 5 private pollsters in the country as ranked by 538. Unlock enhanced insights from our regular voter & consumer surveys, get access to Partner-exclusive focus groups, and participate in monthly conference calls with Echelon's founders and special guests.

Membership Benefits

Starting at just $5,000, you'll receive an initial bank of question credits, plus toplines, subscriber-exclusive crosstabs, and exclusive insights from our monthly voter and consumer omnibus surveys — whether you’re fielding that month or not.

And as a Partner at 50 credits or more, you’ll join an exclusive circle that receives: 

  • Go in the field with a dedicated survey in 24 hours or less with as few as 4 questions. 
  • Access to exclusive 2024 key voter focus groups, including the ability to commission a part of a focus group dedicated to your issue area
  • Monthly conference calls with Echelon leadership and special guests with exclusive insights on the 2024 political landscape
  • Partner-exclusive slide packs and datasets. 
  • Ability to convert survey credits into dedicated custom surveys, focus groups, and digital intelligence reports
  • Year-long access to common membership benefits even if all survey credits are used up

This is not a nebulous “membership” where you pay for benefits you’ll hardly use. At its core, a Partnership gives you the ability to ask questions at regular intervals of voter and consumer audiences specific to drive continuous awareness for your business and core mission. 

And regardless of what level you choose to engage, you’ll get data you can trust from one of the top pollsters in the country.

Lots of research firms are focused only on individual projects, not long-term relationships. That leaves clients ill-equipped when a crisis hits. As an Echelon Insights Research Partner, you’ll always be one step ahead of what’s next.

Echelon Insights Research Partnerships

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