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Your Questions Answered by Real Voters

Get reliable answers to specific research questions. Track brand reputation and public perception. Partner with the most innovative analytical polling team in the business to unlock deep insights and understand the drivers of public opinion.

Echelon’s Verified Voter Omnibus is the first online survey product of its kind matched to the national voter file, so you can know with confidence what the real electorate thinks about your issue, cause, or brand. Each month, we interview a representative sample of 1,000 registered voters matched to answer the make-or-break questions driving successful business and policy outcomes.

Message & Media Testing

Innovative online methodology with message & media testing capabilities

2020 Political Insights

In addition to data on your questions, get up-to-date data on the 2020 political landscape, backed by accurate 2020 likely voter models

Deep Demographic Insights

Data modeled against hundreds of Census & other variables for deeper demographic insight and then cross-referenced with political attitudes, media habits, and demographics

Key Drivers Analysis

Groundbreaking reporting & analytics highlighting the real drivers of public opinion


The Verified Voter Omnibus is gold-standard research at a price point that won’t break the bank. Our mission is to provide organizations of all shapes and sizes with the highest-quality internal data and strategic advice to guide critical business and political decisions.

Who’s Using It?

Advocacy Coalitions

Find the best message and track campaign success

Companies and Agencies

Track brand perception and loyalty relative to a changing political landscape and receive high quality data points to use in winning new business

Trade Associations

Deliver industry-wide insight to members

Political Organizations

Receive the best intelligence on the national landscape

Echelon Insights’ Verified Voter Omnibus gives you accurate and reliable data from a blue-chip national pollster — data you can trust to guide strategic decisions.

In addition to their custom questions, you will receive topline and crosstab data on key political landscape questions including current 2020 ballot test & generic ballot numbers, Presidential job approval, and direction of the country. Crosstab banners include a standard set of demographics as well as political toplines including: party ID, 2016 & 2020 vote, and ideology.

Our goal is to help our clients get the most value out of the information we provide. We want you to be able to take your new insights and share them with your colleagues, executives, boards, and other key stakeholders in an attractive and easy-to-consume format.

Echelon Insights will provide the following to anyone adding questions to the omnibus survey:

  • Hands-on questionnaire design and wording assistance
  • Survey fieldwork and data processing
  • Toplines and crosstabs for Echelon’s questions as well as your own
  • Presentation slide or slides for each add-on question (for you to drop into any PowerPoint deck of your own), including charts of how results trend over time (for those signing on to multiple waves)
  • Exclusive 2020 political analysis from the Echelon Insights team

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