Optimized Messaging

The texture of a focus group with the size and scale of a survey

The Challenge


give us hard data, and the ability to segment demographics and audiences in a statistically meaningful way, but... lack the ability for respondents to go in-depth on how they really feel about a specific message.

Focus Groups

help us understand the words and phrases that resonate, and let us dig deep on the underlying values and beliefs that drive opinion, but... are conducted among a small handful of participants and aren't statistically significant.

Solution: Optimized Messaging Combines the Best of Surveys and Focus Groups in One Study, Offering the Texture and Detail of a Focus Group with the Scale and Scientific Certainty of a Survey.

How It Works

Using online survey technology, we present your message to respondents, who then rate your message on any number of metrics that we develop with you, like believability, interest level, or agreement. Respondents also highlight words or phrases in the message that stand out to them, capturing both positive and negative sentiment.

Phrase-by-Phrase, Moment by Moment Rating of Text and Video

For any message, respondents are asked to highlight any word or phrase they like, and strike through any word or phrase they don't like. Results can be broken down by any demographic group for powerful subgroup analysis.

Measure Both Effectiveness and Intensity

In addition to capturing the ratio of positive to negative sentiment, Optimized Messaging also helps you understand which words and phrases generate the most intense response, visualizing the raw number of positive and negative responses.

Don’t Just Understand What, But Why

After rating each aspect of the message in detail, respondents are invited to tell you why they liked or didn't like the message through open-ended responses. These answers help illuminate why a message does or doesn't work, and how you can improve it.

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