Echelon Insights Wins Reed Award for Innovation in Polling

Echelon Insights is proud to announce that we are a 2019 Reed Awards Winner for Innovation in Polling! Our submission, the Analytics Jumpstart, allows campaigns and issue groups to seamlessly integrate traditional campaign benchmark polling with data analytics and voter targeting.

Politics has a data problem. Many campaigns on limited budgets never do custom analytics work, and when they do, it’s separate from their polling work — with two often diverging sets of results, assumptions, and recommendations.

The Analytics Jumpstart is a step towards bringing the power of custom analytics to EVERY campaign by embedding analytics deliverables — models, universes, vote goals — in larger sample-size campaign benchmark surveys. It’s the solution for smaller campaigns to take advantage of both polling and analytics at the same time, and for larger campaigns to obtain robust, customized voter targeting data when they first enter the race.

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