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Competitive TV Intelligence At Your Fingertips

Comprehensive Data, Broadcast and Cable

We collect and standardize data on broadcast and cable ad buys and present it to you in a next-generation analytics platform that gives you a current, bird’s eye view of all political TV advertising — in a market, a state, or nationwide — for every candidate and issue advertiser at the federal and state level.

Predictive Spot-Level Intelligence

Understand what competitors are paying for TV time and get the best rates with accurate cost information spot-by-spot. Know exactly what a given placement on a given station costs — both now, and in the months leading up to Election Day.

Seize Competitive Advantages

Standard rate cards only get you so far in media planning. As demand for airtime grows at critical times, prices can rise dramatically and unpredictably. Our analytics models can predict future pricing behavior station by station and help you spot the best value.

Competitive Sync, media buyer integration

Blend our comprehensive data on $4.3 billion in political TV spending with your agency’s internal competitive data for deeper insights. Competitive Sync delivers powerful data visualization and cutting-edge analysis, updated in real time, giving you and your clients an immersive, ongoing look at competitive media spending in a race.

Media Mix Optimization

From modeling and advanced analytics to clear and effective data visualizations accessible from any device, we line up media spending with our tracking surveys and your internal data to help you gauge the impact and ensure that not one dollar is wasted.

Who’s Using It?

Media Buyers and Planners

Automate the painstaking process of cataloguing competitive media buys. Understand how other races in your markets impact your strategy. Pinpoint opportunities for cost savings by targeting less noisy markets or stations.

Media Companies

Understand the complete advertising landscape, who the players are, and what people are paying. Use our data to target recipients of traditional broadcast advertising for online messaging. See how your peers in traditional advertising are doing and other places your clients are spending resources.

Campaigns & Issue Groups

Understand the full competitive landscape and look into the future, with data on buys booked through Election Day, and for issue campaigns, well beyond. See marketplace behavior and trends — including your opponents or other races that may impact your ability to drive message

Brands & Agencies

Our comprehensive dataset on broadcast & cable advertising rates can make your local media planning efforts smarter. Whether you’re trying to navigate around a busy political season or not, we’re the largest database of real ad rates reported by stations.

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