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Navigate the Issue Landscape with Unique and Powerful Insights

Any Issue, Every Audience

Most social listening products limit you to a handful of keywords. We track 100+ national issues out of the gate (and yes, we’ve got historical data). Gain vital perspective by understanding who’s talking about key issues, trends, or crises — from left to right, from policymakers to the grassroots.

Know Who’s Talking

Optimized Listening goes beyond standard social listening to help you understand who’s doing the talking. From reporters to political activists to policymakers, we measure conversations across key groups to show you who’s engaging on your issue, and who isn’t.

Network Analysis

No two audiences are alike. We use custom research and statistical models to identify the most important people in your community, then we measure their engagement across more than 100 issues and trends. Understand what the people you care about most are really talking about so you can reach them.

Custom Reporting

Pair the right social listening technology with in-depth research and reporting from our expert team. We not only help you collect data — we understand what it means, standing by your side to help you get the answers you need, faster.

Case Study: Pay TV & Streaming

We studied millions of social interactions to rank which TV and cable services generated the most consumer anger online. See how precise real-time data can augment survey-based brand trackers to pinpoint the “why” behind brand crises. Click here to view the report.

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December 22, 2017
Well soon be releasing #TheYearInNews for 2017. What do you think was the #1 most talked about story of the year?
November 29, 2017
RT @PatrickRuffini: One reason why tax reform may be headed to passage where health care reform failed. Tax reform has generated much l https://t.co/vmTNsUexp7

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